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Free Website marketing

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Free Advertising Is the Best Type of Advertising

Advertising can be expensive. In fact, advertising can be one of a business owner’s largest expenses. This is why it is so important to take advantage of the free advertising opportunities that social media presents.

Becoming active in social media is free. Business owners do not have to pay to create a fan page on Facebook, an account on Twitter, upload videos to Youtube, or use other social media. However, these websites offer the opportunity to reach just as, if not more people than other marketing techniques.

Social media also allows businesses to tap into the mobile market. Many social media websites have their own applications that allow members to access their website on their mobile phones.
Currently, over 37% of Twitter users and over 100 million Facebook users access these websites from their mobile phones. Unlike other websites that are not phone-friendly, social media websites help businesses connect to consumers while they are browsing the web on the go.

Social media websites are also indexed by popular search engines. Additionally, search engines recognize links from social websites and count them when ranking a business’s website(s).
This means that businesses can become more visible in the search engines, simply by joining social websites.

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