Return Customer Percentage

Increase Return Customer Percentage

Implementing a social media advertising campaign can offer your customers a much broader selection of customer service options and improve the rate of loyal, return customers. Statistics show that approximately 50% of all businesses lose their customers in less than five years but with constant improvements in technology, companies have multiple customer service options to increase return customer percentages.

Unfortunately, many companies lack the knowledge or experience to implement the proper online social media campaigns. Companies are often new players at the online marketing game and fail to realize that their traditional offline advertising campaigns and techniques will not perform online.

Without guidance from a social media consultant, companies often continue to struggle and fail miserably when trying to compete for their share of online consumers. To effectively increase return customer percentages, it requires a marketing campaign that not only targets and drives customers to their site but also converts them into loyal, return, purchasing customers.

” As a professional social media consultant, I will show you how an effective advertising campaign includes effective marketing, professional website design, continuous quality content with articles and blogs and a customized customer loyalty or customer retention plan. “

How should a company implement this plan?

Begin by getting everyone in the company to participate and input suggestions. Include everyone from the lowest level employees on up to the CEO. When you include your employees in critical decisions and marketing plans, you will see improved customer relations, improved communications and a more productive work force.

Once you have the support of the company and a general direction of where you want to go with your product social media campaign, research and find a professional social media consultant. Using a professional consultant will give you multiple benefits but most importantly, it will ensure a successful campaign of customer loyalty and return.

As a consultant, I can guide you through each step of your product campaign and make sure that your company is prepared for each process. Failing to use a consultant or counting on employees with no online marketing experience to prepare and implement a proper media campaign will end in an unsuccessful campaign.

Each step of a return customer percentage campaign relies completely on an effective marketing design and implementation. Doing part of the steps or performing them incorrectly will only cost your company more money and no results.

Make your social media campaign to increase return customer percentages a successful endeavor by clicking on this link for professional support and access to effective social media tools.

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