One-on-one Connection with Your Customers

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One-on-one Connection with Your Customers

The importance of establishing an emotional one-on-one connection with their customers is a skill most learn either in business school or through trial and error. Failing to develop the one-on-one connection with your customers, leaves them as prime targets for your competitors.

The difficulty often lies in an individual’s ability to learn the difference between connecting one-on-one with a customer and transferring that same ability into a comparable, yet effective method of communicating with the customers of an entire company. However, failing to develop that connection of one-on-one communication and finding an emotional connection with those customers will without a doubt, result in a failed social media marketing campaign.

Companies often make the mistake of hiding their humble beginnings and opt for allowing their company products to do their talking for them. A seasoned professional in the social media consulting business will quickly tell you that developing a social media advertising campaign on that premise is a mistake.

Instead of leading with a product as your first impression, use your company’s own unique personality and stories to help customers connect one-on-one with your company. People love to hear the stories of how your founder pulled himself up by his bootstraps and made the company what it is with good old-fashioned hard work. This allows the customer to make a personal connection with your company. It puts a friendly face on the company, allows the customer to relate to the personal hardship and makes them want to help be a part of future success.

As a social media consultant, I can then help your company build on this connection. I can explain the intimate nuances and personal interactions that are necessary to continue building towards that one-on-one connection. In addition, I will help you to overcome the critical element of humanizing your product.

A product that appears rigid or mechanical will leave your customers cold. Instead, let me show you how to use a less formal tone and allow your customer to feel that you understand and relate to their needs. A customer that feels you have their best interest at heart is a loyal customer.

With tough economics facing all businesses, it is imperative for every company to use every advantage available to them in developing the one-on-one connection with their customers. Attracting a customer is only the beginning; you must find that one-on-one emotional connection in order to gain their trust. Otherwise, a sale or discount may be all it takes for them to change companies.

Let me help you find your company’s one-on-one voice now and click on the link for a professional social media consultant.

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