Social media consultants are not all alike.

helpyouAs business roles on and the high speed internet becomes the number one medium for conducting business. So goes the struggle finding the difference between fact and fiction. This is not any easier with the increase of so called media consultants. This is once again an area true professional’s find themselves frustrated. There are those of us who actually care about the progression of your company if anything else for the continued growth of the industry. This is unfortunately not what some people have in mind while “helping you” with your web 2.0 while remaining vague or discussing the truths with fancy words that lead now where.

I am a firm believer that the more transparent you are regarding the true nature of social media advertising. Those same business owners who some people try to doop will naturally see the benefit of the time saved from not having to be the technician and the business owner. This is why businesses have IT departments. So the thought that you have to be dishonest about your services, the effects, and even sometimes the necessity of certain elements of you’re recently purchased program.

What does being a transparent company mean to me?

The first part of understanding transparency is to understand what it means to not be transparent. Fact one any form of online advertising you could do yourself if you had the technical skills and the understanding of what is going on. So fear tactics for example “if you don’t do this your business is going to fail!” How does that feel after you just spent 3k to 25k for a website? Not very good right? How about the approach that actually helps you solve a problem. If the person explaining the service to you cannot even get you to understand what they are going to do . It probably is something you don’t need.

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