Testing The boundaries

Communication changes by Dustin TwymanTesting the boundaries of business is what invokes growth. Though the game can be scary. Not being afraid to take your business to the next level is a pretty big part of accomplishing your goals. Remember though, they are called boundaries for a reason. So the best way to first test the boundary you have to clearly define what that boundary is. It’s important to measure your budget with the amount of time you have to put into your business. It can be a full time job just running the day to day operations of a company let alone a full time marketing campaign as well. Meaning if you feel like you can devote 10 to 12 hours to your business each and every day then give it a try. Though I find it to be more beneficial to outsource the technical or database operations of your company. What if your blog goes down who do you turn to. Everything can be riding on the success of a web business. So measure what is really important to you then consult with a specialist in web 2.0 marketing to help steer you in the right direction.

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