What is the Web 2.0 Craze

web2-01First let me start off by saying that web 2.0 marketing is not some scary beast in the corner that you will never be able to defeat. The concept of web 2.0 marketing goes back way before the times of the internet. Meaning in the old days we would walk door to door or business to business to develop a relationship to help spread our products or our message. Well welcome to the internet version, accept far larger and a lot more useful. Some say even great which I happen to agree with. The true concept of being able to reach 1000’s if not millions of potential customers just by introducing your business to them and building a community of followers. The keyword being community.

Why do I need to build a community

Well it’s pretty simple you don’t want to be that person at the party selling some infomercial product that you don’t even believe in. This is poor management of the tools available to you. Imagine if someone was standing right next to you and started talking about the type of product you sell on your site. You would problem be able to help them out, but you will never know if you don’t say something right? So naturally you will let this person know who you are an how you can help. Well now image telling one person and having that person tell 10 more. That’s the beauty of web 2.0 adverting the possibilities are endless but you have to become apart of the solution. I always suggest talking with someone that specializes in this type of marketing prior to jumping in head first. Let the professionals help.
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