You Don’t Just Want a Business, You Want a Brand

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You Don’t Just Want a Business, You Want a Brand

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Social Media helps companies build a persona. These websites help businesses gain their voice and put a face to their name. Instead of simply being viewed as another retailer, restaurant, or other company, customers will be able to see your company’s personality through your profile, pictures, and updates.

Additionally, businesses that take the time to become active in social media have the opportunity to mold the public’s perception of them. Social media allows businesses to really evolve and show consumers who they are. You can promote yourself as trendy, upscale, luxurious, quirky, eco-friendly, or anything that you want. Your customers will be able to see your unique vision directly from you, which will help you create a recognizable “brand”, instead of just another faceless business.

However, building a brand takes time and effort. It means joining more than one social media website and simply putting in the minimum effort. If you want a “brand”, you must put the time and effort into high quality profiles, interesting updates, and various social media outlets. Get involved in Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. If you really want to get creative, begin a blog or upload fun videos to Youtube. Become as active as possible, without becoming overwhelming, and watch how fast your business becomes a recognizable name.

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